Is This You?

Buying a bed online is daunting and intimidating. With so many options, differing opinions, and promises of getting the greatest night sleep known to man, how could you possibly choose the right one?

Here's the skinny.

If you're like most people shopping for a bed online, you probably:

  • Don't want to spend a lot of money.
  • Don't expect the bed to come with all the expensive bells and whistles—you just want a comfortable, quality mattress.
  • Don't want to be overwhelmed with choices.

Why No Brand?

Price: When it comes to online bed shopping, the different options have so much in common, it's hard to know just what makes them unique. The truth is: not much. Each is pretty much like the next one. Well, so is ours. But since there's no brand name behind it, our prices are lower. Simple.

Quality: Made with the same materials as most other mattresses in a box, our beds match (or beat) the quality of pretty much anything you can find. Just because there's no brand name stamped on it doesn't mean that you'll be comporomising on quality.

Easy Choices: We have three models to choose from: Good, Better, and Best. It's that simple.


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